Fueling Apps for CPA Advertising


Integrate our monetization tools and drive significant revenue to your app
The VRAT offer is a list of marketing actions that your users can complete and earn virtual currency. 

By integrating this ad unit, you can double your app's revenue by monetizing all of your users who can't participate in in-app payments or aren't willing to pay money. Since many offers are free, there is no payment information necessary in order to monetize these users.

The Vrat offer allows you to unlock these additional revenue streams without affecting existing payments.

Reach users that don't have credit cards or just aren't willing to pay real world dollars.
Publishers who adopt Vrat offers for their virtual goods and currencies see a 50-300% increase in their revenue.
Join the thousands of developers who use Vrat to monetize their apps today.
Reach millions of users and gain exposure for your products
The Vrat allows users to browse and discover exciting apps. By listing your app in our offers, Vrat helps you break through the noise and show your app to millions of users. By buying on a CPA basis, you only pay when someone downloads and tries your app.
Looking for premium placement within our marketplace? The Vrat Featured ad unit is a full page interstitial that is displayed when an app is first run. You gain maximum exposure for your app or marketing action with this full screen, rich ad unit.
The Pay-Per-Action ad platform allows you to drive deep user engagement within your app. PPA enables you to define specific actions, such as completing a tutorial, watching a video, or performing a product search. This enables you to engage users to perform actions that you value.





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